17 mar. 2018

Nazca Mummy Genetic Testing: Unsolved Mystery or Propaganda?

A recent post on Sputnik reports that DNA testing on samples from the controversial three-fingered Nazca mummies is currently being conducted by researchers at the Russian National Research University in St. Petersburg. Although the more human-like mummy, nicknamed "Maria" by the researchers in Peru, has a chromosome arrangement similar to that of a normal human, the mummy still exhibits decidedly non-human features, such as three fingered hands and feet, and was found in the company of not only the mummy of an infant, but also a cadre of two-foot tall mummies that definitely could not be described as human.

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16 mar. 2018

Una cápsula espacial salvavidas de los años cincuenta

Recuerdo haber visto hace bastante tiempo estas ilustraciones en el libro Visions of Spaceflight: Images from the Ordway Collection, de Frederick I. Ordway, la misma obra que empleó Paleofuture para traerlas a la red, lugar del que las he extraído. No he podido resistirme a escribir una breve nota sobre ellas, porque son fascinantes.

Se trata de ilustraciones creadas por el genial artista espacial Fred Freeman basadas en bocetos de Wernher von Braun sobre un concepto de sistema de escape en vehículos espaciales reutilizables, algo así como un “sillón eyectable” para un transbordador espacial.

El sistema consistía en un asiento de seguridad que, en caso de emergencia y tras activarse un protocolo a tal efecto, se reconfiguraba automáticamente e introducía en un cilindro que salía disparado de la nave por medio de una explosión controlada. Posteriormente, el descenso se controlaba por medio de paracaídas y retrocohetes.

Más información:
Gallery of Wernher von Braun crew rescue vehicle sketches.

Una cápsula espacial salvavidas de los años cincuenta apareció originalmente en Tecnología Obsoleta, 16 marzo 2018.

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Peru: Anomaly Over Barranca Captured on Security Camera

Source: Planeta UFO (Arg.) and TROME (Perú)
Date: 03/13/2018

Peru: Anomaly Over Barranca Captured on Security Camera

Security cameras recorded a strange object in a Barranca waterfront. Some claim it was a UFO.

An unidentified flying object crossing the skies of Barranca was picked up by security cameras yesterday morning (03.12.2018) around 3:00 a.m. Images disseminated over social media show a radiant, zig-zagging luminous phenomenon over the Malecón de Chorrillos of this northern city.

The security cameras were engaged in their routine task of filming the waterfront area from the last block on Avenida Grau when they suddenly picked up this object, which could have been a UFO. The camera managed to focus on the object's oval shape before vanishing completely.

This is the first time that such a phenomenon has been recorded. According to the website of the regional newspaper "El Libertador", this video, with a duration of two minutes and fifteen seconds, has already elicited a variety of opinions. However, it has been confirmed that the image is real.

Social media users claimed it was a UFO. Others suggested that it was a psycho-social phenomenon using fake imagery and that the cameras were best used in catching criminals up to no good.

Another cybernaut stated that this phenomenon occasionally takes place in the stratosphere and that no strange object is involved. Was it a UFO? You be the judge.


[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to G. Giménez and the TROME newsroom]
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Argentina: A UFO Over Rivadavia?

Date: 03.16.2018

Argentina: A UFO Over Rivadavia?

A reader of Tiempo de San Juan recorded the moment from the back of her house in the ATSA IV district. See the video and draw your own conclusions.

A constantly moving light - purportedly a UFO - can be seen in a video recorded by a reader of Tiempo de San Juan from the rear of her property in the ATSA IV district.

According to the woman, the light, which looks white in the video, was orange in color, sometimes changing to yellow.

She also noted that as she recorded, her cellphone was overcome by interference. An earth tremor took place no sooner than she'd finished recording. This fact was corroborated by the INPRES website (the 4.7 tremor took place at 21:00 hours).

Could this be a UFO? See the video and draw your own conclusions.

: https://youtu.be/2cXIBKQbCrg

[Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]

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Las mejores matemáticas son las más inútiles

En una época como la nuestra, en la que se bombardea a los científicos con exigencias de rentabilidad, productividad y aplicabilidad, no puede chocar más la defensa de las matemáticas en virtud de su belleza y total inutilidad hecha en 1940 por Godfrey Harold Hardy en su obra Apología de un matemático.
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15 mar. 2018

Journeys in the Kali Yuga

March 16, 2018
Come on a journey of discovery with a true pilgrim who crossed India and Nepal in search of his own soul and meaning, then returned to Europe where he found powerful connections between the gods of India and the gods of Northern Europe.

Aki Cederberg is a pilgrim in the deepest sense of that word, willing to give up everything for his quest, and to go wherever it takes him, even when that means facing death.

In this powerful edition of Dreamland, Aki takes us on his journey with him, describing what he found in ritual and in connection to hidden masters of the sacred.

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Parallel Life Calling Me Home

Wednesday March 14, 2018
In this second conversation with last week's guest, John, we explore what may be a parallel life he's also living that feels as if it's calling him to be that person, on the one hand... but on the other, he knows that if he accepts, he will destroy our universe. Sounds drastic. Sounds narcissistic. Sounds crazy. And he knows all of that. But is it true? What else could be going on here?
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Luis Burgos: A Fire on the Ground

Source: FAO-ICOU
Date: 03.15.2018

A Fire on the Ground
By Luis Burgos (FAO-ICOU)

Buenos Aires Provincial Route 36 is in the news again. The experiences recorded over so many decades by drivers, country people, tourists, residents, hunters and fishermen are innumerable. The region’s geography, much of it lonely, is peppered with all manner of encounters as we traverse the very heart of EL NIDO (The Nest). Small probes (diminutive luminous spheres) chasing car drivers, dozens of imprints found in its fields, frequent sightings of unidentified flying objects, lights emerging from streams, hills or cattle troughs, and an abundance of photographs serve to make up a considerable case history. And as a nod to the movie “A FIRE IN THE SKY”, which tells the abduction experience of Travis Walton in 1975 in Arizona (USA), we now move on to the specifics.

On this occasion, it was the turn for three FAO members to become direct witnesses to a strange phenomenon. Returning to the coast of Buenos Aires along Route 36 on a Sunday evening, after spending a weekend at the shore, is often tiresome, especially when we factor in exhaustion and the monotony of the trip, which can also become tense when facing a rush of drivers eager to reach their destination. A surprise, however, awaited us on the night of Sunday, March 11, 2018.

With Juan at the wheel and Lucia in the passenger’s seat, I was resting on the right side of the rear seat looking at the starry sky looking for something, as I always do when I’m not driving.

So it was that I was tracking “constant blinks” toward the shores of Rio de la Plata. One of them was an airliner following the route from Ezeiza Airport or Aeroparque, and the other – which flashed every ten to twelve seconds. It caught my attention and I looked at it fixedly, this time searching for LUCI (*), although this one was rather low to be our common friend, as it was between 15 and 20 degrees. Lucía’s voice suddenly rang out in the car compartment: “What was that?!” followed by Juan replying: “A light fell down!”

My eyes changed direction, but it was too late, since what they had seen was already over for me. My wristwatch said the time was 20:30 hours.

Lucia’s Testimony:

“We were driving along Route 36 after spending weekend fishing at Punta Rasa, right on the day before the start of high school classes. We know that many people wait until the last minute to return to their duties, so there was heavy traffic on the road to La Plata, something that always makes me concentrate fully on the road, even if I’m not at the wheel. After curve covered in dense trees and passing the entrance to Ferrari, I saw a bluish-green light that lit up slowly…like a dichromatic lamp. No sooner had it lit up did it go down, turning off before reaching the ground. The darkness and our speed kept me from ascertaining its size, but I can say that it wasn’t more than two meters overhead, some three meters from the edge of the road and between 200-300 meters away. All of this lasted between five and ten seconds. The left side of the road was covered in trees and I looked in that direction, hoping to find an explanation to what we just saw. Suddenly I saw the white light of a private home. I sought a mile marker to find out exactly where we were.”

Seconds later, I noticed a “little flame” burning near a light post in the area where the greenish blue light had been seen. I use this diminutive because it was a small fire on the grass. I instinctively thought it was an offering to the Gauchito Gil of the highways, but it wasn’t. (Note: Gauchito Gil is not officially recognized as a Christian saint, but many Catholics here do regard him as a reliable intercessor. Prayers and homages to him at his shrines regularly ask his protection, and he is regarded as a kind of Robin Hood figure who protects the poor and vulnerable. CR: Catholicsandcultures.org). On the other hand, with the grass as dry as it was, who would dare light a fire at night lest they cause a conflagration? Unless it was deliberate. Juan also saw this fleetingly, but Lucia did not. The rest of the strip was spent on questions and associations: What had they seen? Was the little fire associated with the mysterious light? All of this had happened in this 500 meter stretch separating the sighting of the enigmatic light from the little fire. The first thing that came to my mind was the incredible pursuit of the Labaronnie family in 2002 during the Gobernador Ugarte events: they were chased cross-country by a little flame! Perhaps there is no connection whatsoever, but that’s what instinct is like. Sometimes it plays tricks on us and sometimes it’s right on the mark. [Note: For more on the Gobernador Ugarte events, please visit http://ift.tt/2Gtgw6o and http://ift.tt/2tPDB0C]

On-Site Research

Like any ufologist who prides him/herself as a FIELD RESEARCHER and not as a long-distant OPINION-MAKER or COMPILER of cases and interviews, we returned to the site of the event with Lucia barely 17 hours after it occurred, at 13:30 hours on Monday on Route 36 to find the exact location of the incident. The 92 Kilometer marker near the detour to the town of Ferrari. This was the area in question. After some back and forth, we found the “little flame” from the previous evening turned into an ELLIPSOIDAL burn mark measuring 3 meters in diameter! In other words, the little fire kept burning and singed and considerable segment of dry grass close to the barbed wire fencing, at the foot of a light post. How it didn’t run up the pole and burn it, too, remains a mystery, as well as why it didn’t burn deeper beyond the wire fence. The compass pointed toward true north without any variations. The Geiger counter shed no anomalies, but the ERD detector yielded anomalous values, almost surely produced by the electric lines overhead. The neodymium magnet yielded no positive results in the search for IRON FILINGS in the charred soil. The area had several poles of attraction – wiring, nearby mills, antennae, cattle troughs and tree lines.


As a working hypothesis, our initial association was “luminous phenomenon – fire on the ground”, but we cannot be certain of this. Seeing this luminous source near a fire on the ground would not be the wisest relationship, unless one thing (the fire) had been caused by the other (the bluish green light). There is a coincidence of times and distances. The BURN MARK is not the kind left behind by a UFO when it lands or flies over a surface, but there are indeed cases of burns caused by the approach of such objects. We are reminded of the Londres (Catamarca) incident of 1982, in which a UFO caused a wind storm that set fire to several structures in the town, and why not? The strange and controversial oval “burn mark” of El Pajarillo in 1986.

As a consequence of this, it is important to highlight that there was no interruption in the electrical supply to the farm that occupied the space between when the light was seen, the car continued on its journey and the little fire was noticed.


AN UNSOLVED MYSTERY. Just another in the complex world of ufology. Just in the same way that Demetrio had finished listening to The Beatles’s Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds as we walked along a beach, only to be confronted by LUCI (*). On this occasion, a kilometer ahead of the sighting of the “little fire”, the sign outside an evangelical church on the roadside proclaimed: FIRE FROM ON HIGH….

(*) LUCI is the name given by FAO-ICOU to a small point of light traveling at considerable altitude and following a satellite trajectory noticed in 1994 by researchers Alcides and Nelson Rocha Polanco, but also by Fabio Zerpa in 1986. Also described as a Luciérnaga ("Firefly"). THE FAO database places the first reliable sighting of this object as 17 February 1973, when it was seen by residents of La Matanza, Buenos Aires.

[Translation © 2018 S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology, with thanks to Luis Burgos]

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Las mejores matemáticas son las más inútiles

En una época como la nuestra, en la que se bombardea a los científicos con exigencias de rentabilidad, productividad y aplicabilidad, no puede chocar más la defensa de las matemáticas en virtud de su belleza y total inutilidad hecha en 1940 por Godfrey Harold Hardy en su obra Apología de un matemático.
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14 mar. 2018

Argentina: Anomalous Objects Over Villa Ventana

Source: 103.7 FM Reflejos (Argentina)
Date: 03.10.2018

Argentina: Anomalous Objects Over Villa Ventana

Municipal inspectors have photographed flying objects hovering next to telephone antennae.

Claudio Heredia is the Municipal Inspector of Tornquist. During his outine assignment - surveying communications and telephone towers - something unusual drew his attention.

A cellular telephone tower sits atop a summit near Villa Ventana. Heredia and another employee were tasked with photographing and surveying the towers throughout the entire district.

When Heredia took the photo and saw it in his cellphone, he noticed two objects that caught his attention and which he did not see when pressing the shutter. At first he thought the lens might be dirty.

The faint objects can be made out despite the distance, which he estimates at some 1500 meters (4900 feet).

Villa Ventana, Sierra de la Ventana and Tornquist have been in the news repeatedly due to maniestations of unidentified flying objects.

The photos will be submitted to UFO experts for their analysis, to see whether or not UFOs are involved.

(Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)
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Famed Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking has Died

The University of Cambridge has announced that famed and accomplished theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking died. Hawking passed peacefully at his home, also in Cambridge, on March 14, at the age of 76.

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Stephen Hawking, superestrella de la cultura popular

Hoy la ciencia está de luto. Stephen Hawking ha muerto a los 76 años. Pero no solo la física se ha quedado un poco huérfana. El científico más conocido del siglo XXI era considerado una superstar de la ciencia. Biopic ganadora de Oscar, cameos en series de televisión, varias canciones y hasta cómics con el cosmólogo como protagonista. Todos vamos a echar de menos a este genio.
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Por qué pi es el número más especial de las matemáticas

En la geometría, los péndulos, la probabilidad, los calendarios, las series infinitas e incluso en el número Tau, su gran rival, además de en el cine, la música, los cómics y los concursos. Estos son solo algunos de los ámbitos en los que aparece π, la constante que continúa fascinando a los matemáticos. Según propuso el físico estadounidense Larry Shaw en 1988, hoy, 14 de marzo (3/14), se celebra el Día de Pi.
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El mundo rinde tributo a Stephen Hawking en las redes

Científicos, políticos y otras figuras destacadas están homenajeando a Stephen Hawking en Twitter, tras su fallecimiento hoy a la edad de 76 años. Además de sus logros en el campo de la física, destacan su capacidad divulgadora y su sentido del humor que le permitieron elevarse por encima de la discapacidad severa.
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